Britain’s Lost Routes With Griff Rhys Jones – British TV Drama Series

Griff Rhys Jones returns to BBC One in this new prime-time series as he sets out upon an epic adventure to uncover the lost routes of Britain.

Britain was once a difficult country to cross, with roads few and paths obscure. Yet for faith, fortune, pleasure and necessity our ancestors travelled from one end of the country to the other along a vast network of routes spread throughout the nation. In a bid to uncover the forgotten pathways that shaped Britain, Griff re-traces the routes these people took, the experiences they encountered along the way, the people they met and the methods of travel they used.
Griff sets out on the royal Elizabethan procession from Windsor castle to Bristol, undertakes a medieval pilgrim’s walk to St David’s, droves a herd of highland cattle to Scotland’s greatest market at Falkirk and sails a loaded barge carrying 50 tons of cargo up the Thames. It is an adventure that will re-discover these four forgotten routes, exploring the paths they forge across the landscape and through the ages of Britain.



Episode 1, Royal Progress: Produced & Directed by Michael Wadding

Episode 2, Thames Barge: Produced & Directed by Michael Davies

Episode 3, Highland Cattle Drove: Produced & Directed by Christopher Bruce

Episode 4, Pilgrims: Produced & Directed by Christopher Bruce


Executive Producer- Franny Moyle

First transmitted 31st May – 21st June 2012 on BBC One.


4 x 60 minutes