Greatest Cities of the World Series 2 | Modern Television

Greatest Cities of the World Series 2 ITV1

In the second series of Greatest Cities of the World Griff Rhys Jones explores three more of the most magnificent metropolises on the planet: Rome, Sydney and Hong Kong. Griff is granted 24 hours to sample the rich history, beautiful scenery and cultural contradictions of these three incredible to discover what makes every day so unique and remarkable for the millions who call them ‘home.’

Rome   Starting in Rome, Griff has one day to absorb 2,500 years of history in what is essentially the world’s largest and most majestic museum. He may be in the eternal city, but time is of the essence as Griff races around today’s Roman roads on a scooter.

Sydney   Moving “down under” to the edge of the world, a day in Sydney throws up some unexpected revelations. Most people could spend a life-time on the white sands of her heavenly beaches, but there is also a darker side of this sun-bathed city to explore.

Hong Kong   Finally, Griff travels to Hong Kong, a city of contradictions where ancient meets modern, East meets West, and consumerism meets spiritualism. There is a lot to take in, and Griff has only one day to get his head around this magnificent muddle of a city.

Rome: Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce.
Sydney: Produced and Directed Andrew Fettis
Hong Kong: Produced and Directed Harry Hook

3 x 60′ ITV1

First Transmitted 22nd April – 6th May 2010 on ITV1