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Wilfred Owen: A Remembrance Tale


During a period of jingoism and wartime propaganda, one Shropshire lad felt compelled to reveal the true nature of The First World War. On a journey to uncover this truth, Jeremy Paxman travels to the battlefields of France to tell the tragic tale of the great war poet Wilfred Owen, discovering how the ugliest and most terrifying combative arena imaginable gave birth to some of the most poignant and powerful poetry in English literary history. Wilfred Owen is played by Samuel Barnett in captivating re-enactments of Owen’s war-time experiences.

Produced and Directed: Louise Hooper
Executive Producer: Franny Moyle
First transmitted Sunday 11th November 2007 on BBC ONE

‘An engrossing account of the greatest poet of the First World War…’ 

The Guardian

‘Jeremy Paxman’s profile of Wilfred Owen is clear, informative and deeply felt.’

The Times

‘A heartfelt account of the man’s life and poetry’
The Telegraph

‘This detailed, expansive programme demonstrates that, without Owen, we might not have grasped so strongly the impact of the Great War on the lives of ordinary soldiers, nor its lasting resonances.’

The Observer