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New Hidden Killers:The Victorian Home BBC FOUR

New Hidden Killers: The Victorian Home

Historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb undertakes another investigation into the deadly consequences of ordinary life in the late Victorian era.

As the 19th century drew to an end the burgeoning middle class of Great Britain were wealthy and prosperous and filled their homes with the latest gadgets and time saving devices. What they didn’t know was that these items were in fact deadly….

With the help of experts in history and science Dr Lipscomb brings the late Victorian Home, and the killers that lurked there, frighteningly to life.

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1×60′ BBC FOUR

Presented by Dr Suzannah Lipscomb
Executive Producers: Liz Hartford & Sarah Broughton
Produced & Directed by Suzanne Phillips

First transmited Tuesday 10th Decemeber at 9PM on BBC Four