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Greatest Cities of the World Series 1 ITV1

Griff Rhys Jones sets out to explore some of the most spectacular cities in the world: New York, London and Paris. To find out what makes each of these vibrant metropolises so unique, Griff has 24 hours to discover what exciting experiences one day can throw at the millions of people who inhabit them. It is a journey that will take him under the skin of the most familiar landmarks of the modern world, revealing the distinctive culture and character that makes them so remarkable.

New York   To find out what makes New York, New York, Griff takes a 24 hour bite out of the ‘Big Apple’ and samples some of the wonderful and fascinating experiences on offer in the city that never sleeps.

London   Next, it’s the capital city of what was once the world’s greatest empire. In one day Griff unearths centuries of enthralling history embedded in the streets of London and discovers what makes this vast, sprawling capital a remarkable home for seven-and-a-half million people.

Paris   Finally, Griff Rhys Jones fully immerses himself in all things French, partaking in the quintessentially Parisian and discovering how attention to detail makes this delicious city tick.

Enormously Enjoyable
Daily Mail

Imaginative and Fascinating
Sunday Express

Genuinely Charming
The Daily Telegraph

New York: Produced and Directed by Harry Hook
London: Produced and Directed by Michael Massey
Paris: Produced and Directed by Andrew Fettis

3 x 60′ ITV1

Executive Producer: Mike MacDowell

First transmitted 8th – 22nd October 2008 on ITV1