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Terry Jones’ Great Map Mystery

BBC Two Wales

In this fun and inquisitive four part series, former Monty Python Terry Jones sets out on a series of journeys through Wales following John Ogilby’s Britannia, the world’s first road atlas published in 1675. Travelling from the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, Terry covers the breadth of the country as he makes his way to the city of Chester on the English border, stopping along the way to explore the religious history of St David’s and the healing mystery of the waters at Holywell. As Terry traces the map’s route and delves into the dark history behind it’s making, a deadly political plot reveals a trail of intrigue leading all the way back to King Charles II and the throne of England.

Produced and Directed: Alan Ereira
Executive Producer: Simon Mansfield
First Transmitted 13th May – 3rd June 2008 on BBC TWO Wales