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Burma, My Father & The Forgotten Army


Apart from a few fragmentary stories Griff Rhys Jones’ father never talked about his war. Yet as a medical officer to a West African division he travelled 15000 miles from Wales, to Ghana and the jungles of Burma. He and his men were part of an army of a million raised in Africa and Asia to fight the Japanese. To understand their story Griff travels first to Ghana and then accompanied by a 90-year-old veteran Joshua he goes to the jungles of Burma. It’s called the forgotten war but Griff discovers how it transformed these West Africans from children of the empire into masters of their own destiny.

  • The documentary won a special award from the GHANA UK BASED ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS (GUBA).
  • Nominated for a Screen Nation Award in the Diversity In Factual Production.

If you’d like further information on the Burma campaign, or have information that you’d like to share, please follow the link below: (UK museum in York dedicated to the Burma Campaign).

One of the reasons this documentary about the Burma campaign in the Second World War is so strong is that Griff Rhys Jones resists the temptation to dramatise. He trusts the story to speak for itself.
Radio Times, Pick of the Day

A fascinating film.’

The Times, Pick of the Day

This insightful film offers a fascinating perspective on the horrors of battle, racial politics and the end of empire.’

The Daily Telegraph, What to Watch

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